New Mercedes Benz truck acros 4165 "TITAN"

In November 2010 AQUASYS company has launched a new truck for transportation of heavy and oversized cargo Mercedes - Benz Actros TITAN 4165. This is the most powerful truck in our fleet and the most powerful truck brand in the Czech Republic. At the same time as the first truck Mercedes - Benz in CR and one of the first in Europe with a new system of power transmission. Compared to standard WSK used also in our two older Titan truck, the truck uses the system VIAB company Voith. It is a revolutionary system for the transmission of torque carried by road. Previously, this method used as the rolling stock - locomotives, etc. Truck can work alone in the suite with a total weight of 250 tonnes and can tow a trailer chassis through the coupling and the "swan neck", a trailer hitch and drawbar through the chassis and push through front suspension as a shove or independently with controls waged the front bumper.


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